Molchanovs 旅行箱
Molchanovs 旅行箱
Molchanovs 旅行箱
Molchanovs 旅行箱
Molchanovs 旅行箱
Molchanovs 旅行箱
Molchanovs 旅行箱
Molchanovs 旅行箱

Molchanovs 旅行箱

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Turn heads and travel with confidence with the new Molchanovs Hard Case. The first premium hard case on four wheels, exclusively made for freediving. Remove the complication of packing your monofin and freediving gear for your diving trips and check your hard case on your next flight.

  • Description

    This is the hard case you have been patiently waiting for. The new Molchanovs Hard Case makes traveling with your monofin and freediving gear simple and painless. It is the first premium hard case on four wheels, designed with freediving in mind, that you can check in on flights.

    This 100 liter hard case feels virtually bottomless. It fits your monofin, a pair of bifins, wetsuits, and an astonishing amount of other equipment you require for your freediving trip. The hard case can additionally be used for non-freediving gear, such as equipment for finswimming, mermaid tails, and any other water activities that require fins. The interior compression system keeps your gear in place with different compartments, while the thick walls and “wave” exterior of the hard case provides endurance and protects the contents from damage.

    Quality, protection, style, and love at first sight. The Molchanovs Hard Case only weighs 5.6kg (11lbs), has a telescoping handle, and four premium 360° spinner wheels for your convenience. Available in two classic colors: black and blue. Designed with the adventurous traveler in mind.

  • Specifications

    • Material: Poly-carbonate with 1.5mm thick casing (plus fabric)
    • Volume: 100 liters
    • Dimensions: 70x20x71cm (27.6x7.9x28in)
    • Weight: 5.6kg (11lbs)
    • Telescoping handle
    • 360° spinner wheels
    • Interior compression system
    • Dedicated monofin section
    • Recommended maximum carry weight: 30kg (66lbs)
    • Colors: Black, Blue
  • Dimensions

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