Cetma Composites designs and produces carbon fins: CETMA COMPOSITES’s carbon fins are one of the most important innovations in the sport sector, because of the way they are designed and manufactured. Cetma Composites’s carbon fins are designed by materials engineers with long-standing recognized experience in the design and manufacturing of carbon-reinforced components for aeronautic, aerospace and automotive sectors. For the first time fins are designed according to the “engineered stiffness distribution” principle, an engineering method which is to modulate the stiffness with the aim to deform the blade in the most effective manner.

Cetma Composites’s engineers uses this methodology for the first time: all the blades commercially available are realized without considering this important innovation. Moreover Cetma Composites uses for its production highly innovative and secret processes, developed in years of research focused on composite materials. And that is why Cetma Composites decided to give a boost to the freediving sector applying exclusive competences traditionally used in more advanced sector (aerospace, aeronautic, nautical, automotive) with outstanding results.