Molchanovs 比賽級單蹼 CM3
Molchanovs 比賽級單蹼 CM3
Molchanovs 比賽級單蹼 CM3
Molchanovs 比賽級單蹼 CM3
Molchanovs 比賽級單蹼 CM3
Molchanovs 比賽級單蹼 CM3

Molchanovs 比賽級單蹼 CM3

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Size & Blade Stiffness

Easily the best Monofin we've ever made!

Alexey Molchanov, World Record Holder CWT

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  • Description

    The Molchanovs Competition Monofin 3 (Molchanovs CM3 for short) will be the monofin used by the best competitive freedivers around the world. Developed by world champion Alexey Molchanov and team over two years and tested by the worldÕs best athletes, the CM3 monofin, designed by freedivers for freedivers, provides the highest performance and efficiency for your dives.

    For this generation of Molchanovs Monofin in addition to the new look we have made several key improvements.

    Firstly is the redesigned of the revolutionary Soft Tip Blade. Over the last two years we have developed a new blade layering design that retains the feel you expect from a Molchanovs Monofin but improves its power and longterm durability.

    Secondly is the new composition and placement of the footpockets coupled with a new cutout in the blade between the footpockets (together the Quick-Transition Blade design). These changes both reduce resistance and drag during the kick-phase of the stroke and allows the blade to quickly and efficiently transition between the strokes. These changes also have decreased slightly the overall length of the monofin which allows for more precise control with greater efficiency.

    Thirdly is the redesign of the protective blade stripes which now have a lower profile and are longer to provide superior protection.

    Please note: The masters at Molchanovs individually craft the monofin blades by hand. In order to make the shallowest cut possible to avoid damaging the integrity of the blade, the hand-layering process may introduce small imperfections along the edges of the layers. These imperfections do not affect your performance Ñ they are a sign that your blade will be both durable and is of the highest quality. Embrace the imperfections!

  • Specifications

    Our monofin blade stiffness is based on 3 stiffness flexes (Soft, Medium, and Hard) and two blade sizes (1 and 2). Size 1 blades are slightly narrower, shorter and softer than size 2 blades although the difference is quite small (2 centimeters of length and width). As an example, a Blade Stiffness Soft 1 is a Soft flex blade of size 1 and is slightly narrower, shorter and softer than a Blade Stiffness Soft 2.

    Both blade sizes 1 and 2 are appropriate for men and women. If you are on the smaller and lighter side or prefer a more agile monofin, a size 1 blade is for you. On the other hand if you are on the taller or heavier side or prefer a more powerful monofin, go with a size 2 blade.

    Made from highest quality materials

    • Handcrafted from start to finish
    • Premium 100% UHC fiberglass blades
    • Heavy-duty, wear-resistant, UV-resistant footpockets
    • Comfort Lining inside footpockets
    • Hand-layered for superb response and feel

    Technical specifications

    • Blade Angle: 27 °
    • Blade Length: '1' blade - 65 cm, '2' blade - 67 cm
    • Blade Width: '1' blade - 70 cm, '2' blade - 72 cm
    • Weight: 2.5 kg
  • Size Guide

    EU Size Length / Circumference (cm)
    35 22/21
    36 23/22
    37 24/22
    38 24/23
    39 25/23
    40 25.5/23.5
    41 26/24
    42 27/24
    43 28/25
    44 29/26
    45 29.5/28.5

    Molchanovs Custom Pocket Measurement Guide

    Molchanovs Custom Pocket Measurement Guide Molchanovs Custom Pocket Measurement Guide Molchanovs Custom Pocket Measurement Guide