Molchanovs 碳纖雙蹼 C1 配Imersion腳套
Molchanovs 碳纖雙蹼 C1 配Imersion腳套

Molchanovs 碳纖雙蹼 C1 配Imersion腳套

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Blade Stiffness

High performance, responsive carbon blades, paired with soft Imersion footpockets.

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  • Description

    Also available with Pathos Footpockets.

    The 100% carbon fiber Molchanovs C1 Blades are handmade using vacuum infusion - a more expensive and time-consuming process but one that produces a higher carbon fibre-to-resin ratio in a thinner, lighter and more responsive blade. This result is a blade with amazing feel yet is powerful enough to set multiple world records.

    Molchanovs C1 Blades come in three different stiffness levels in a variety of colors and are paired here with tried and true Imersionª foot pockets.

    These light blades give a wonderful, responsive thrust when finning due to its unique 'shark skin' textured underside. The rough underside creates microturbulence in the water that flows faster and lowers the pressure of the water around the underside of the fin. This eases the back kick while finning, allowing for a smoother, less strenuous kick cycle.

    Care instructions: rinse your fins under fresh water after pool or saltwater sessions to prevent a buildup of chlorine or salt crystals.

  • Specifications

    Made from highest quality materials

    • Premium 100% carbon fibre blades
    • Soft & comfy Imersion footpockets

    Technical specifications

    • Blade Angle: 20 °
    • Blade Length: 85 cm
    • Blade Width: 18 cm
    • Weight (One Pair): 2 kg
  • Size Guide

    EU Size Length / Circumference (cm)
    35 22/21
    36 23/22
    37 24/22
    38 24/23
    39 25/23
    40 25.5/23.5
    41 26/24
    42 27/24
    43 28/25
    44 29/26
    45 29.5/28.5