EasyQ Alarm
EasyQ Alarm

EasyQ Alarm

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The most compact freediving depth alarm in the world

  • Description

    Keep your dive watch on your wrist! With the EasyQ Alarm you can have easy access to all the depth alarms you need to remind you to charge your mouthfill and start your freefall, independent of your dive watch on your wrist. The EasyQ alarm comes with a case with a ring allowing you to easily secure it inside your hood or onto your noseclip leash.
  • Specifications

    • 5 customizable descend alarms
    • 2 customizable ascend alarms
    • Rated to 140m deep
    • 40+ hour battery life
    • USB rechargeable with cable included
    • one button setup
    • 7 grams light
  • Instructions and Warranty

    • Rinse well after use with fresh water
    • 6 months warranty from purchase date

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