Selection of Molchanovs SPORT Bifins Fiberglass Blade in various colors
Molchanovs SPORT Bifins Fiberglass Blade in White
Molchanovs SPORT Bifins Fiberglass Blade in Black
Molchanovs SPORT Bifins Fiberglass Blade in Blue
Molchanovs SPORT Bifins Fiberglass Blade in Pink
Molchanovs SPORT Bifins Fiberglass Blade in Gold
Molchanovs SPORT Bifins Fiberglass Blade, showing the front and the back
Molchanovs SPORT Bifins 3 Fiberglass

Molchanovs SPORT Bifins 3 Fiberglass

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Blade Stiffness

Blade Accent Color


Foot Pockets Size

Thew newest and most afforadable mid-tier fiberglass bifins on the market. Perfect for intermediate freedivers as a first pair of long fins.

  • Description

    The Molchanovs SPORT Bifins 3 Fiberglass - long bifins for freedivers who want high-quality fiberglass blades paired with standard-size SPORT Silicone Foot Pockets. Designed for freedivers who train, teach, and fun dive in the pool or open water. Updated with a new blade-layering process for more low-effort, high-propulsion finning and anatomical silicone foot pockets for comfort and streamlining.

    Premium fiberglass blades

    Premium 100% UHC fiberglass has been updated with an improved blade-layering process for low-effort and high-propulsion finning, making each movement you make economical. Now with an updated blade-layering process and size-graded stiffness to match blade length with resistance - soft blades are a little shorter for maneuverability and stiffer blades are longer for more balanced propulsion.

    Anatomical foot pockets

    Open-heel straps give you the freedom to flex your feet and fully extend your toes, while arch support keeps your feet in the optimal position for finning.

    Innovative foot pocket attachment

    The unique attachment of the foot pocket to the blade gives you unparalleled energy transfer, while the foot pocket placement fixes the toes around the blade angle and streamlines every kick.

    Easy assembly

    Assembling the foot pockets to the blades takes only minutes, making it easier than ever to switch to a new pair of foot pockets or upgrade to a new blade.


    Traveling with bifins becomes effortless, whether you want to tuck in the open heel strap to place into a case or fully disassemble the bifins and pack blades and foot pockets separately.

    Minimalistic design

    The new design is sporty and fierce while keeping the signature Molchanovs minimalism and style. Carbon blades are black - choose from 5 bold accent colors.

  • Specifications

    Details and materials

    • Materials
      • Premium 100% UHC Fiberglassr
      • Hypoallergenic and UV-resistant silicone
      • Plastic pressure plate to mount the blade
    • Improved blade-layering system for more propulsion with less effort
    • Smoother and more gradual blade angle for added durability
    • Size-graded blade stiffness ensures that the blade’s length matches its resistance
      • Soft: Reduced blade length for effortless maneuverability
      • Medium: Extended blade length for balanced propulsion
    • SPORT Silicone Foot Pockets:
      • Hypoallergenic and UV-resistant silicone
      • Open-heel design for maximum ankle flexibility
      • Anatomical shape of the heel strap for maximum support and a comfortable fit
      • Arch support for optimal foot positioning
      • Unique attachment system for additional support and better energy transfer from foot to blade
      • Rigid stabilizers for full control over each kick and movement

    Technical Specifications

    • Stiffness
      • Soft
      • Medium
    • Foot Pocket Angle: 28°
    • Blade Length (from angle to tip)
      • Soft: 62cm (24.4in)
      • Medium: 64cm (25.2in)
    • Weight (one pair of fins): 1.7 - 2kg (3.7 - 4.4lb)
    • Sizes
      • 34 - 35
      • 36 - 37
      • 38 - 39
      • 40 - 41
      • 42 - 43
      • 44 - 45
    • SPORT Silicone Foot Pocket Color: Black
    • Blade Accent Colors: Black, Blue, White, Gold, and Pink
  • Assembly Instructions

    CAUTION: Secure the screws firmly, but avoid over-tightening which could strip the threads or damage the blade. Stop when you feel moderate resistance.

    1. Match the left and right foot pocket with the corresponding blade (marked on the back side of each blade).
    2. Insert the blade gently into the slot at the front of the foot pocket and through the side reinforcements, verifying it is inserted correctly and slides in smoothly without force.
    3. Align the blade by carefully adjusting its position until the blade’s mounting holes match with those on the foot pocket.
    4. Position the upper segment of the pressure plate over the toe section of the foot pocket, verifying it fits into the provided space.
    5. Begin by hand-threading the screws into the holes of the lower pressure plate.
    6. Place the lower pressure plate over the blade, aligning it with the upper pressure plate and the holes. Tighten the screws in a clockwise direction using a Phillips head screwdriver with an even distribution of pressure.
  • Size Guide

    *While designed for similar size foot compare to the Molchanovs Silicone Bifins, the SPORT Silicone Pockets are sized to be worn with dive socks instead of bare foot. For the same size the pockets are a little wider and a little longer.

    If you are wearing the Silicone Bifins bare foot:

    • you can get the SPORT Silicone Pockets in the same size but prepare to wear it with socks
    • Or get the SPORT Silicone Pockets one size smaller and wear it without socks, but also note that the SPORT Silicone Pockets are remarkably wider and depends on your foot width itmay not be stable laterally without socks

    If you are already using socks for the Silicone Bifins:

    • you will most likely need to get one size smaller for the SPORT Silicone Pockets to have a good fit with socks

    General guidance only, the Freedive Depot cannot be held responisble if the foot pockets does not fit. Please contact us for fitting or advice if unsure.

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