Alchemy Neck Weight Heavy
Alchemy Neck Weight Heavy

Alchemy Neck Weight Heavy

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Negative Buoyancy

Introducing Heavy - the neck weight that changed the game forever, now with added weight for an unparalleled experience. Immerse yourself in the world of cutting-edge design and flawless, fluid fit. Discover the pinnacle of freediving with our Heavy Silicone Neck Weight – precision engineering for the ultimate journey.

  • Description

    The Alchemy Heavy Neck Weight is designed to help you dive deeper, faster, and safer. A gentle press on its sides initiates a transformation of unparalleled precision, conforming seamlessly to your neck. So adaptable, it nearly vanishes. Crafted to harness advanced performance, its extraordinary hydrodynamics empower effortless aquatic motion, delivering unparalleled steadiness across all freediving disciplines. Whether in the pool or open waters, it redefines limits, introducing a realm of enhanced efficiency, uncomplicated elegance, and absolute ease. When it comes to freediving gear, the less is the best.

    Utilizing aerospace-grade silicone and encapsulated lead, it is clearly tougher than any other neck weight of its class. The superiority of silicone, compared to common rubber, ensures stability, durability, and ease of use, while its sleek, innovative design guarantees that you’ll always stand out from the crowd.

  • Specifications

    Details and Materials

    • Available Lengths and Buoyancies: 40/1.8kg, 45/2.0kg, 50/2.2kg
    • Color: Silver Grey Metallic
    • Material: Silicone Encapsulated Lead
    • Silicone Tensile Strength: 10 N/mm2
    • Silicone Density: 1.12 g/cm3
    • Logo: Engraved
    • Made in Greece (EU)
  • Instructions and Warranty

    The neck weight you purchased is specifically designed for diving and swimming purposes. Using it for any other activity outside of water is not recommended and may result in the product failing or getting damaged, leading to potential personal injury. It is important to avoid attempting to remove the silicone material and strip the lead core, as this can expose you to dangerous substances such as lead. If you notice any damage or stripping of the outer silicone material, refrain from using the neck weight. Make sure to dispose of it responsibly by taking it to certified recycling facilities that accept materials containing lead, similar to batteries.

    To prepare the neck weight for use, gently widen the opening by pulling the sides while simultaneously twisting your wrists. Continue until the neck weight expands enough to fit comfortably around your neck. When removing the neck weight, reverse the same motion to close it securely. It is important to ensure that the neck weight maintains its circular shape throughout the opening and closing process. Avoid simply pulling the edges apart forcefully, as this can create a single stress point that acts as a hinge and potentially damage the lead core of the neck weight. It is not recommended to straighten or reshape the neck weight, as doing so may reduce its lifespan. However, if absolutely necessary, you can gradually and evenly expand the neck weight until it becomes straight. Remember to avoid bending it at sharp angles to prevent any damage. Please store it in its original shape.

    Due to its intricate design, specialized components, and specific usage requirements that deviate from standard usage patterns, we regret to inform you that the Freediving Neck Weight is not eligible for warranty coverage.

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